Bright Monday with Vladika Michael
Bright Monday with Vladika Michael
Bright Monday with Vladika Michael
Vladika's Visit 12/29/19
Vladika's Visit 12/29/19
Vladika's Visit 12/29/19
Pascha John 1:1 Languages of our Parish
Pascha John 1:1 Languages of our Parish
Pascha John 1:1 Languages of our Parish


Dear Brothers and Sisters,
It is with joy and thankfulness to God, I am able to announce that starting today Friday May 28 we are able to begin another milestone in our return to full liturgical and community life in our parish. Earlier today I met with the parish council to prepare for the next step in our journey together. Under the direction of our Archbishop Michael, and in compliance with the civil directives, the following plan is announced:
·         Effective immediately there are no attendance limits in the church.
·         There are no mask nor social distancing mandates in effect for those who are fully vaccinated. Those who are not fully vaccinated,
           those at medical risk and those, who for any reason prefer to, may continue to wear a mask and socially distance.
·         All distance limitation “marks” on the main floor of the church will be removed.
·         Those who prefer to remain socially distanced will be able to avail themselves of the choir loft.
·         Until there are opportunities for in person rehearsals, the choir will remain as present.
·         The discipline for distribution of Holy Communion will remain as is.
·         Veneration of the Holy Icons and the Cross may be resumed.
·         For the time being there will no coffee hour. We hope to resume this in July.
·         Parish organizations may resume in person meetings.
As with everything in our response to the pandemic, this is a work in progress. Let us refrain from judgement and gossip as to we each respond to how we will return to in person church life. Please continue to pray for each other and the continued good of the medical professionals who have enabled this miracle.
With love In the Risen Lord!
Fr. David Garretson
Saints Peter and Paul

 ~~~~~ For new pictures and video clips of our Memorial Day Panihida and Servicemen Tribute, please click  here ~~~~~

FOR YOUR INFO: A moving and inspirational video showing the beauty of Orthodoxy can be seen here.The Orthodox Church - A Visual Journey

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If you cannot make it to Church, we are  still live-streaming! Our next services will be as follows:

(1) Sat. June 19th @9:00AM   Divine Liturgy - Memorial Saturday

(2) Sat. June 19th @7:00PM    Vespers

(3) Sun. June 20th @9:00AM   Divine Liturgy - Holy Pentacost - Feast of the Holy Trinity

(4) Mon. June 21st @9:00AM   Divine Liturgy - Day of the Holy Spirit

Simply click here: SS. Peter and Paul Orthodox Church , then select the event's title.

While at this time, many of us cannot make an offering in person to help support our Parish, please consider selecting the Donate button to make a one-time or recurring donation. Please also select "Cover Fees" and use your Bank account, in lieu of credit card. (Bank fees are less than card fees.) Thank you for your continued stewardship. 


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The Upcoming Week's Confession schedule can be found in the bulletin OR by clicking here: Monthly CalendarAppointments are no longer necessary. 

Upcoming Parish Live-Streamed Services:

(1) Sat June 19th @9:00AM   Divine Liturgy - Memorial Saturday

(2) Sat. June 29th @7:00PM    Vespers

(3) Sun. June 20th @9:00AM   Divine Liturgy - Holy Pentecost

(4) Mon. June 21st @9:00AM  Divine Liturgy - Day of the Holy Spirit

Choir Rehearsal will resume in the hall on Tuesday, June 15 at 7:00PM. ALL members are requested to attend.

We will be having a long awaited Men's Club Meeting  in the Hall on Thursday June 17th at 7:00PM.  Any adult male is encouraged to attend. We are always looking for additional volunteers to help out the Church. 

The Altar Society will meet at 6:00PM on Monday, June 21 in the church hall.

The next Parish Council Meeting  will be held in the church hall on Monday, June 21st at 7:30PM.

June 27th, 2021 - In lieu of the 7 Acres Park picnic, we will be having an extended coffee hour in the Church hall, directly after Liturgy

Tuesday, June 29, 2021 - All parishioners are invited to attend our Annual Patronal Feast. Divine Liturgy with Procession will be served at 9:00AM, follwed by a festal potluck luncheon in the hall. There is a sign-up sheet in the church vestibule for those who plan on brining something (main dish, salad, dessert and/or beverage) This is another wonderful opportunity for all members to celebrate together.

It is time to start planning for St. Andrew's Camp. The Camp season starts on Mon. July 5th, with five glorious trips on Lake Oneida, NY.  Family Week, Horse Week I, Mish Mash Week, Horse Week II, and Teen Week. To register, go to or call the office at (315) 676-9771. email (


Memorial (Soul) Saturdays: Jun 19, and Oct. 23.

Saturday, June 19th
Memorial Saturday
9:00 Divine Liturgy
6:00 Confessions 
7:00 Vespers
Sunday, June 20th
9:00 Divine Liturgy
Saturday, June 26th
6:00 Confessions
7:00 Vespers
Sunday, June 27th
9:00 Divine Liturgy
followed by Coffee Hour in Hall (no picnic)
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